Why Digital Marketing is important for Rosanna Chiropractic

Rosanna Chiropractic describes how Digital Marketing assists in Building Your Brand

Chiropractic was discovered in 1895 and since then it’s grown to be one of the most widely used types of natural health care worldwide.

DR. Mike and his wife fell in love with the Rosanna region and opened their practice around 16 years ago.

DR. Mike is a Senior Chiropractor.  He understands how to locate and analyse the moving parts of the vertebrae (spine) which interfere with the nerve messages between the brain and the body.

He also knows that having a digital market strategy will help him to build a stronger brand and develop better relationships with his targeted audience.

CLix4U initially helped DR. Mike with his Ads marketing and then assisted with some improvements to the Rosanna Chiropractic website.

What is Google Ads?

  • Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform.

AdWords offer advertisers two ways to reach people:

  1. through the Google Search Network and
  2. through the Google Display Network.

While these two methods are different, they both use a PPC bidding system. This is where advertisers bid to have their ads shown to the right audience.

The spine connects with nerves
  • The Google Display Network allows you to show your ads to users who are looking for the keywords that you’ve selected.

If your AdWords campaigns are well-targeted, optimised properly and have the right cost per click (CPC) bid, you’ll be able to show attentive ads to a receptive audience. This almost guarantees substantial benefits for your business, and a positive return on investment (ROI).

Though the system can be complex, it’s possible to run profitable campaigns with low CPCs even on a small budget.

Why optimise an existing website?

How easy your website is in terms of usability determines how connected and engaged your target audience feels.

Mobile phones are getting more and more popular so a mobile-friendly website is not just about the design, but about the overall experience and how well it can convert.

How Clix4u can help you.

  • Show your small business digital marketing tactics will help you get the most exposure.
  • Inform you how to achieve your marketing goals without wasting valuable time and money.
  • Demonstrate where should you start to ensure you’re reaching the right audience.
  • Make your content super-useful and practical so that it offers real value to your prospects/customers
  • Create content that tells a story so that it’s more engaging and relatable to your audience.

DR. Mike from Rosanna Chiro says that they used to use just newspaper ads and yellow pages. Adding digital marketing into the mix has been a total game changer for their business

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