Rats Tatts n’ PinUps: the Kingpin Kuztum’s journey starts at the Skyways Hotel

The first step of the journey: Kingpin Kuztum and Rats Tatts n’ PinUps at the Skyways Hotel

The Kingpin Kuztum’s family are visionaries.

This event was great at the Skyways Hotel, in collaboration with  Rats Tatts n’ PinUps.

They are addicted to nostalgia and perseverance and they don’t do anything by halves.

As a hobby, they can spend years changing and improving their cars into their own personal styling statement.

These modified cars look amazing, so shiny and new.

It’s hard to believe that some of these cars have been fully disassembled and sand-blasted.

They look so beautiful, plus they perform and function better than they did when they first left the factory.

This is hard work, but there are no lazy bones here.

But the buzz of getting to drive on the road and see reactions makes it all worth it- that’s what club days are about too.

Swapping headlamp rings, grilles, bumpers, chrome side strips, and taillights. Cutting through the sheet metal, removing bits to make the car lower, welding it back together.

New paint, rebuilding or replacing the engine, rewiring the car, reconditioning or replacing brakes, suspension and steering components, re-trimming the interior, reconditioning, re-chroming or replacing stainless trim and bumpers!

Customised interior

Think of cake baking days you may have gone to as a kid- (I certainly did, being from a country town). You walked around admiring all the tasty looking icing and decorations- but this is scaled up 100 notches.

It is obvious these guys find the process challenging, satisfying and rewarding.

Luckily for us, we can just meander around, take photos and admire these stunning pieces of art.

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