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Create your unique value proposition, and identify the clients looking for that value.

About Clix4U


Your unique values, and market position is what makes you different. That’s your weapon. Let us help you discover that and create a marketing engine that excites your potential customers, driving them to engage with you. We are here to work with you to understand your vision and help you get results you deserve.

How We Do It


March 10

Step 01 – Discovery

First we get to know you and what you are looking to achieve. We work with you to understand who you are, what you do, your strengths, weaknesses and most importantly who your clients are and what they are looking for.

March 10

Step 02 – Identifying your unique self

No matter how small or common your business is there is only one business like yours in the world. In step 02, we will work with you to deeply understand your unique self. Once you know who you are, you are already to tell that story to the world and find your TRIBE, that group of people who identify with you, this is your AVATAR, your preferred client.

March 10

Step 03 – Designing a strategy to connect with your best client

Now that you know your unique characteristics we design a tailored marketing strategy, based on key performance indicators, so you can reach your preferred client.

March 10

Step 04 – Measure and finetune

Finally we use the data we collect from platforms such as Google and Facebook to optimise your strategy and campaigns, leaving no stone unturned in our goal to grow your business over your competition.

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Why We Do It

Being born and raised in country Victoria, I’ve always believed in the strength of our communities. From seeing my mother chat with the neighbour over the fence, or my grandfather volunteering to mow lawns at St. Laurence Court aged care, to the fathers coaching my friends and I in junior sports.

It shaped who I am, and throughout my life I’ve always wanted to help people, whether it be serving in our nation's Defence Force, coaching junior sport teams or simply doing Relay for Life for cancer research, I’ve always wanted to be involved and do my bit.

Clix4U is the vehicle that I created to do that for those small to medium businesses who support our communities. If local businesses are growing and flourishing, then our communities are as well. This passion for growing your business and community, along with my belief in mutual respect and integrity have become the core values that guide everything we do in Clix4U and are why we do what we do.

Carl Garth

Meet Our Team

Our team forms the fabric of Clix4U. We take pride in all aspects of support to our clients. We know Digital Marketing is an essential part of today’s way of doing business and our talented group of individuals have a strong passion for delivering exceptional results by bringing their unique skill set and love for what they do.

The beauty of today’s world is that you don’t need to be limited to an office to create effective marketing. At Clix4U, we embrace technology to enhance our creative delivery, and break the geographical constraints. With teams in Melbourne, Sydney and Colombo, our creativity knows no bounds.

Clix4u marketing team

Our Services


This is where all of our custom solutions/partnerships begin. It comes in two critical parts, Branding and Strategy, these are the pillars of your marketing, without them, you can never truly be successful as a business.


We establish our Discovery process and work with you to truly understand and identify your What, Why and How, what makes you unique and what is it that will attract customers to you. We then work to create your own unique brand and identity, this becomes the guide for all your future marketing.


So we now know who you are, what you do. Now we delve deeper, who are your desired customers, where are they, what drives and motivates them. We take this research and design a strategy and solution that fits “only” you for you to authentically engage that group who will identify with you and want your products and services.

Digital Marketing

Now comes to the hard work. Utilising the information obtained through our consulting phases we create/design and implement your marketing solution across all of the required platforms that you need to connect with your client base.

Design and development

Our team is trained in multiple marketing disciplines such as print, web, social media and video. Once we understand your objectives and the strategy we will utilise these skills to deploy your marketing solution and begin the growth journey for your business.